Compass Concierge program: What if I can’t afford to stage my home to sell?

Compass Concierge helps you afford to stage your home to sell in Washington D.C.

If you’re moving, it’s probably going to be the most stressful and expensive undertaking of your entire year. That’s why staging your home to sell is a worthwhile investment—your home will likely sell faster and for more money, you’ll draw in qualified potential buyers with the images of each room’s beautiful design, and you can hand over the entire process to an expert.

…But it is an upfront investment. And sometimes, you just can’t afford it.

Fortunately, we’ve partnered with Compass Concierge, a program that pays for services like home staging for you and then recoups the cost from the sale price of your home.

Staged homes, on average, sell for more than 5% over the list price, which usually means tens of thousands more dollars that it would have sold for without staging. The cost of staging will only make a small dent in the extra money you get from the sale.

So, if you’re thinking of selling your home, check out the Compass Concierge program to see how it can help you afford home staging in Washington D.C.

Here’s how the Compass Concierge program works

1.  You—the home seller—check to see if you qualify for the program via their website.

To qualify, your property cannot be a short sale, in foreclosure, or in need of major structural renovations. You also have to list your home exclusively with a real estate agent with Compass.

2. Your Compass Concierge representative will assess your home and put together a plan for prepping it to sell.

Services may include more than just staging—such as painting, cleaning, minor renovations, and landscaping.

3. You will contract directly with service providers like TACTIC Staging, and Compass Concierge will pay the fees.

Just like you would normally, but you don’t have to foot the bill.

4. When your sale closes, Compass Concierge will send you an invoice for the total amount of the services.

There’s no added fee for participating in the program, and no interest added to your bill.

And that’s it! You walk away from the sale of your home with more money than you would have without staging.

What is Compass?

Compass is a real estate technology company. But for home buyers and sellers, you can think of the company just like a regular real estate brokerage firm. Most of the technology side of the company has to do with streamlining the process for their agents—not necessarily for homeowners.

Currently, the company has about 7,000 agents around the country in 13 different states.

Should you do the Compass Concierge program?

The program is designed for home sellers who want to stage or improve their home (so that it sells for more) but can’t afford to pay for those services at the moment. That means that if you can afford to stage your home on your own, then there’s no reason to sign up for the Compass Concierge program.

If you’ve considered staging your home to sell in Washington D.C. but thought you couldn’t afford it, then you should apply for the Compass Concierge program. You might just get everything you wanted!