Vacant Home-Staging

If buyers can’t envision a space as their home, they can’t get excited about it. TACTIC makes your empty property feel like home.

Here’s how staging your vacant home with TACTIC works:

  • Initial Interview

    You call us, and we conduct the initial interview right then over the phone, discussing budget and timeline.

  • On-site Consultation

    Within 48 hours, we come to your property to take pictures and measurements, as well as brainstorm the design direction that will best suit your home.

  • Design magic

    We work to create a unique interior design for your property.

  • Professional Implementation

    We handle everything, from moving in the furniture, to cosmetic changes, to careful placement of accessories, on a day that works for you.

If you need your occupied home staged, don’t hesitate to contact us for more
information on staging a house to sell or for a quick phone consultation!